Hi everyone! We have lots going on here on the ranch!! Happy news: Our gals Sage and Bella are both expecting October litters!!! We are very excited!!! These litters are reserved for our deposit list (contact us for info on how to be added to the list!) Ultrasound showed at least 4 pups for both litters! Sage is due first week of October, Bella around the 17th!!

Mama to be Bella sure has been sleeping more than usual!!!

Here is a link to our summer pic album: https://rlvalleyranchaussies.com/gallery/summer-2020/

I also wanted to share this fun video of dogs out for a walk with the kids. A little bit of chaos, but a whole lot of fun!! I try to post some videos/pics to our instagram, if you want to follow there as well! #rlvalleyranchaussies

I read a great article on raising puppies and wanted to share this training tip: Whatever you want your pup to be good at, be sure to practice as often as you can during those first 6 months!!!

Do you want your pup to welcome visitors into your home? Make sure you practice this by having people come in and give your dog a treat!! Be sure to expose your pup to people wearing masks as well!

Do you want your pup to be a good traveler? Be sure to take your pup on short trips! Make it a positive experience by offering a delicious chew/bone and or treats along the way! Going to be flying with your pup? Try to expose your pup to the sights and sounds of the airport from as young an age as possible! Practice makes perfect!

Do you want your pup to be a good boy/girl at the vet?? Practice at home! You can practice setting your pup on a table (to imitate the vet office exam table) and practice petting your pup all over, opening mouth, handling his/her feet etc. Reward good behavior with their fav treat! Once pup is confident with you/your family doing this, practice with someone they don’t know!

Bottom line is you are constantly preparing and shaping your pup into the adult dog they are going to become! They are very impressionable in the first 6 months, and having positive “training” sessions early on will make a huge lasting impression!!


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