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Porters Sweet Southern Belle of RL Valley – “Bella”

Nicknames:  Bella Fella

My sweet Bella, I say this probably at least 50 x a day.  Bella is beautifully devoted, and obsessively loving, she lives to please her people.  Bella is the definition of the aussie “velcro” dog.  She LOVES attention and is always right under your feet.  Will sit and snuggle all day.  Medium energy, low drive.  Bella was affectionately referred to as Fella for quiet a while by our youngest daughter when she couldn’t quite say the word Bella, and the nickname stuck!  Bella is always up for anything on the ranch, from hikes to playing in the water, she’s always happy to do anything with her people.  But cuddling is deffintely her favorite past time!  She is a social butterfly with the other dogs, gets along with anyone and frequently babysits young pups.  An amazing disposition.

Bella’s coloring is a beautiful harlequin tweed blue merle.  It is very rare and very beautiful!   Cannot wait to see her pups in the future.  CLICK HERE to learn more about aussie colors & color genetics!

Bella is 13″ tall and 24lbs!  She is FULL PANEL CLEAR, meaning she does not carry and genetic diseases.

These pics are of Bella as a pup!!  She was so little!!

Bella 14 weeks

Baby Bella here at 6 weeks. Amazing to see her color change as she grows up!!

So tiny!!

Below is more pics of Bella growing up here on the ranch!


Well I guess I can’t fold the laundry now.. darn!

Mom, I’m tired please stop taking my pic..


Hiding in the fall leaves…


Here is the link to Bella’s picture gallery!  Lots more pics:



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