Miniature Australian Shepherd

Rustic Lace’s Queen Elsa of RL Valley Ranch- “Elsa”  (retired)

Nicknames:  “The Love Monster”

This center fold beauty is Queen Elsa!!!  Her pics are always the ones that people message me saying I want a puppy that looks like THAT!!  And I definitely can’t blame them!!  She is absolutely stunning.  She has ice blue eyes, has stout, thick confirmation, and an amazing loving disposition to match!!

Elsa absolutely LOVES people.  She would sit in your lap all day if you’ll keep petting her.  She’s very playful, loves fetch, tug of war, and gets along well with all the other doggies.  Elsa is very food motivated and loves to please!

She is very devoted to her family, and is always following us around wherever we go.

Elsa is our biggest gal, she is 16″ at the withers and 40lbs!!  She is a miniature aussie in size, and we will be crossing her with our toy size males!  Pups will be large toy/small minis.

Elsa is full panel clear on testing.

Here are some pics of Queen Elsa!!  I have about a million pics of her sitting and staring up at me, waiting for a treat for being a good girl sitting LOL.  She’s is the definition of a treat lover!!


Heres a link to more pics of Queen Elsa:



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