TLA’s Wind in The Willows @ RL Valley Ranch – “Willow”

Nicknames:  Willow Billow

This gal is so incredibly eye catching!!!  I just LOVE split faces!!!  So mesmerizing!!  She also has adorable black “pants” on her legs. Willow is a very sweet, loving devoted gal.  She loves our kids, and enjoys all the other doggies.  Willow is a sweet and gentle soul.  SHE LOVES WATER.  Water hose, pool, creek, a cup of water, a bucket, she is all about it!!  Check out her video of splashing in a kiddie pool on our blog page!!  It’s so much fun to watch her splish splash and play!!!  Willows favorite trick is to “Spin”  where she twirls around as fast as she can for a yummy treat!  Super smart gal!!  She’s best buds with her sister/littermate Sage!!

Willow stands 15 inches and is 30 lbs.  Small mini –  Great all around size that will work for a lot of families!  Not too big, not too small.  Just right ; )

Willow is clear on aussie health testing, and is red factored (can have red/brown pups!)  She comes from long line of champions, her confirmation and beauty really shine!!!




More pics of Willow here in her picture gallery:




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