Mini Aussies have some AMAZING coat colors!! There truly is a “rainbow” of diverse colorations.

First we’ll look at the “solid” colors- “solid” means no merle (no spots or variations)

Black Bi – Solid black coat with white markings.

Black Tri- Black with tan markings- usually eyebrows and some tan around the mouth, tan on the legs. Our boy Cash is a black tri with blue eyes

Red Bi- Solid red coat with some white markings

Red Tri- Red coat with tan markings usually eyebrows and around the face, usually tan on the legs. Our boy Rip is a red tri with blue eyes.

Blue Merles- black based coat with merle pattern. Lots of varieties in colorations! Heres some of our blue merles:

Red Merle- Red based coat with merle pattern. Lots of variations!

Yellow – yellow or golden colored coat. Rare in the aussie breed. The coat color yellow “masks” the merle gene- it is impossible to tell without color testing (a simple hair sample test) if a yellow coat aussie is merle or solid. It is important to test all breeding dogs for the merle color, even those that appear any solid color (black tri, red tri, yellow etc) to ensure you are breeding safely and not risking breeding merle to merle. Merle to merle breedings should never be done, as pups have high rates of being born deaf, blind, or both. Below are a couple examples of yellow aussies, first pic is our girl Irish!


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