It’s very important to trim pups nails very often, AT LEAST every other week while they are growing.  Too long of nails is painful for dogs, and it’s such a simple thing to help your pup grow straight legs, and stay sound.

Your pup has it’s dew claws in tact.  I do not believe in removing a thumb.  It’s much harder on a pup then docking tails.  It is actually illegal to remove dew claws in most other countries, USA is definitely “behind the times”.

THis means you need to trim the dew claws every time you trim other nails as well.

Your pup has already been practicing getting their nails trimmed with us.  This is how I like to do it:

Have someone help you to give treats as you are trimming.

Hold pup on your lap, facing away , at an angle you can trim the nails.  Start with simply handling the feet.  Every time the pup is not struggling, or trying to take paw away, say “good boy!” and have your helper give them a treat.  Or instead of using your voice, a clicker is an amazing marker tool as well.

Do this for all 4 feet., but if pup is having a hard time, do what you can and then give pup a break, come back do more.

Next step is to handle toes individually, just as you will for actual trims.  Every time pup is still and not struggling, “good dog” and treat!

When this is going well, time to start actually trimming nails!  Theres lots of videos on youtube if you’re unsure the correct way.  I still recommend having a helper give the treats to reward being still and calm.  This really helps reinforce what we want from pup!

Doing this weekly while puppy is young will set them up for easy trims the rest of their lives!


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