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This page is for pics and updates on puppies raised by us! If you would like to add your RL Valley Ranch Aussie, please Contact Us!! We love PUPDATES!!!

Heres some pictures of Spade (Sophie x Cash)! He’s so smart!! He’s completely housebroken, so now he’s allowed to sleep with me. He knows sit, stay, lay down and kennel. LOves tug of war, and we’re working on fetch. He’s a great puppy! Fits Right in! I couldn’t have picked a better place to get him. The amount of work you put into starting his training was so, so helpful, especially as a first time dog mom. I’m happy to share that with others, because it really made all the difference -Kendyll

Here is Grey! (Sophie x Cash) He’s been coming to work with me and getting along with everyone, he goes to the back door when he has to potty! He knows sit and come here. I’m so happy with him, thank you for training him so well! – Lindsay

Here are some pictures of Trinket! (Raspberry x Cash) Thought you and your kids might like to see her as she grows! She loves the snow!! – Brian

Petey got his eyebrows! (Sophie x Cash) He is still only 5lbs! My son gets him during the day, I take him when I get home in the evening, and then when my husband gets home he takes him from me LOL! Everyone wants their own little Petey! He is the fist thing EVERYONE flocks to as soon as they get home!

Couldn’t decide which to send so you get all. Bilbo is the most fantastic pup. Wild at times but is learning quickly and extremely well behaved overall. Thank you so much for bringing Bilbo into our lives.  He gives us so much enjoyment and love everyday.  (Elsa x Cash)


Some pics of Ozzy (Sophie x Cash) He’s doing great! Such a joy!

Some Pics of Otis (Elsa x Cash) Otis likes to sail, is doing well with basic agility and loves going for walks. Thanks for raising such a nice pup. He sure looks like his dad, only bigger. -Steve & Kathy

Here’s Otis shredding an oval course we just set up! Eleven pieces of equipment in 32 seconds! We sure do have fun with Otie! He loves it too! I can’t believe he’s come this far in just 20 months. A lot of that comes from a good start. Thanks Leah! – Steve & Kathy

Click this link to see Otis doing agility!:

We have had “CC” for about three months now, and she is so wonderful!  She is a whopping 8.5 pounds now and almost 5 months old.  Everyone she meets just loves her and want to bring her home with them.  I gave out your business cards/website to a few of them because they were so impressed with our CC.  I tell them that these puppies have wonderful girls helping their mom and making sure each puppy is very well loved.  She has adjusted well here, she is so smart and brave! Some pics of CC (Sophie x Cash):

Here’s a pic of Milo (Anna x Cash) He is such a good boy, Thank you!

Wanted to reach out and thank you so much for all that you did for Finn (Sophie x Cash).
We absolutely love this little guy.

It took him a couple days to get adjusted to his new home and family but now he is a happy, funny, energetic, puppy.

I have attached a few photos of Finn.

Ashe (Sophie x Cash) did so well on the way home and is playing like a maniac. She’s settling in well!Thanks again for everything!

The puppy purchase process is one people really need to research and think about for awhile. Getting my first dog was a real challenge, but Leah helped make it so effortless. Ashe is such a wonderful dog. She is very responsive, inquisitive, playful and energetic. She is amazing with kids and other dogs, all thanks to socialization from Leah and her kids. I appreciate everything Leah has done through the entire process from beginning to end! If you are an Aussie lover, this breeder is the one for you

She is a wonderful, sweet and playful girl! She has been my service dog for 1 1/2 years now and is very in tune with me & my health conditions.

Ashe is doing very well & is a perfect little girl. She is very well tempered & I couldn’t imagine a better first dog for me!

Here are some pics of Pluto (Sophie x Cash) He is so tiny, just now 5lbs!

Pluto is our tiny little guy at only 7lbs. He loves going on walks and laying on our fresh out of the dryer clothes! 

Leah is an amazing person to work with when finding your new family member (puppy). I began my puppy search in April 2020 and found RL Valley. I was interested in a certain combination of a few things and Leah was incredibly transparent and helpful, and not to mention she was flexible and patient with me. Their location is great for the puppies and they have an outdoor space for playing. Her daughters help to socialize the puppies to younger kids which I believe was huge for my pup. Leah sends you a training packet and has a lot of information on her site. She keeps all records organized and responds almost immediately, if not sooner! We drove to pic up our pup but they have flight nannies and Leah will work with you to make sure you safely get your dog. I really love RL. Leah, we are sending people your way so remember us in a few years for our next puppy 🙂

Hi! Just wanted to let you know scout is doing so great. Leah…. she is the most loving dog I’ve ever met. She melts my heart every day omg. Here are some pics- hope you are well! (Sage x Cash)

I want to thank you for the entire puppy purchase process – from the first time I read your entire website until we drove away with Miri today.
I did A LOT of research when looking for a puppy and I saw A LOT of questionable breeders/sellers online. When I ran across your website through a random Google search, I gravitated toward your genuine love for the breed and the transparency in your business practices. I didn’t see your positive attributes in other breeders/sellers online. I immediately felt comfortable in contacting and contracting with you. Additionally, you provided so many items during pickup (medical records, toys, food samples, blanket, oral vitamins, etc.) which made the transition seamless for us. The amount of thought and care you put into every pickup detail really let me know I made the right decision in choosing you buy from you.  I would absolutely, without hesitation, buy from you again and recommend you to anyone desiring a miniature Australian Shepherd!

Miri is a wonderful addition to our family! She is so playful, affectionate, and intelligent. We can’t imaging our lives without her now. Miri is just over 12 weeks old and and has quickly learned several tricks. She is eager to learn, to please, and be apart of our lives. (Sage x Cash)

We are so in love with Murf….he’s just the cutest little floof.  Now that Jack has calmed down (he was SO excited on the way home), it is like Murf has always been here….our 13 yo Maltipoo Abby is completely unfazed.    They are all adorable together.  Murphy is hilariously vocal….????He is so confident it is amazing, and just a joy for us.

Leah was wonderful to work with, and we are thrilled with our happy puppy. Temperament is most important to us, and she uses the Puppy Culture to raise her pups….sends home lots of great info to help raise, socialize and train your new pup. That aside, our pup is a stunning example of the breed and we marvel at him every day. He is so lovable, smart and funny. Really glad we found RL Valley Aussies. (Sage x Cash)

Hi Leah!I hope you are all doing well. Just thought I’d give you an update on Dexter. Well he’s more handsome every day, he’s a complete love love bug and loves his hikes with me and his sister. I’ve attached some pictures. (Anna x Cash)

Georgia Update: She is doing absolutely wonderful!!! Just wanted to share an updated pic. We couldn’t be happier with her! (Sage x Cash)

Love her hopping!!! It’s so cute! She loves fetching and will drop it at your feet when she’s ready for you to throw it. She’s the most loving dog ever! She loves her belly rubs! And I cannot imagine her without her bushy, cute tail! ❤️ We couldn’t be happier with Georgia!

Hey Leah!!
Things seem to be going pretty well so far with puppy and my vet was SUPER IMPRESSED with the paperwork you provided. Thank you so much!

It is hard to put into words just how grateful I am for stumbling across RL Valley Ranch Aussies. As a previous dog owner I know just how special a dog’s bond with their owner can be so choosing a breeder was a decision I did not take lightly. I searched for months for a breeder and once I reviewed RL Valley Ranch’s site as well as having a phone call conversation with Leah I knew RL Valley was the perfect fit for my family. Leah was so helpful in providing guidance prior to, during, and after the puppy purchase process. I was very impressed by all of the resources she provided throughout the process including a puppy training program, which has been phenomenal, as well as weekly pictures and videos. Leah also allowed me to visit the puppies and choose my fur baby in person. Upon pickup she again provided a bag full of resources (e.g., food, toys, blanket with litters scent) that made bringing puppy home super easy. Not to mention my vet was VERY IMPRESSED by the paperwork provided as well as with the fact that puppy came home with first round of shots, flea and tic, and heartworm medication. Leah HOOKS IT UP! As you can tell in the photos my baby, Kaia, is an absolute sweetie and has totally adapted into my family within 3 short weeks. Her and my other dog are already best friends and Kaia has even learned several tricks! I can’t thank Leah enough and would HIGHLY recommend! (Bella x Cash)

Still in love with our cute, sassy, and energetic little girl! She loves to play, can walk for miles and go on hikes, and is kind to all those that she meets! She also loves to play fetch! She has learned tons of trick like sit, stay, heel, and down. She has maxed out at about 10 pounds and we have had no health issues either which we are very thankful for.  Here are some pics of our girl that you are more than welcome to share. Also we are OBSESSED with the tail so glad we made the decision to keep it! 

Leah is one of the best breeders out there. She really cares for her dogs.
We have a female tri color Aussie and she is the sweetest smartest dog.
Leah responds to all emails quickly and tries to answer any question you may have. We live out of state and used a flight nanny to bring her home. The nanny was wonderful too (Bella x Cash)

Leah is a wonderful breeder who cares about the pups and parents. She is a great resource and knows a ton about the breed. Not to mention, we love our new family member, River! (Bella x Cash)

River Canyon was born 10/17/20 and he’s been the best addition to our family. This goofy boy always keeps it entertaining, and loves playing with (and picking on) his mini red tri sister, Meadow Lane. 

Hi, Pax completed puppy class and next week we start obedience 1 class. He is learning a lot. Wanted to let you know that if all goes well, I want to train him to be a therapy dog. I have talked with our instructor and she thinks he would be a great therapy dog if his personality continues to develop in a loving positive manner. We cannot officially start the process for therapy until he is a year old, so in the meantime we will cycle through all the obedience and agility classes to keep him confident and fully socialized. Then we will work on getting certified for therapy once he is a year old. He is great therapy for us as we go through this winter of semi isolation. I have been looking for a activity that would help others and also be enjoyable for me. I think God has guided me to the perfect mission of love. By the time things get back to normal, we should be ready to share our little “joy bomb” AKA Pax with others. ???? Your latest puppies are so precious, but I still love our Pax the most. He is so adorable ❤️ Have a blessed day???? Pax (Sage x Cash)

Hi Leah! I’m sorry,  I’m so bad at sending updates. Now that the kids are back at school I have a chance to let you know that Jack (Elsa x Cash) is amazing! He is such a sweet and happy boy we love him so much! Back in May he went on vacation to Florida with us. He was awesome for the 20 hour car ride down and back. He has become best friends with our big girl Clover. They are always together, it’s adorable! Thank you so much for raising such an amazing boy ????

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We searched for a breeder for quite some time before choosing RL Valley Ranch and are so happy with our decision! Leah was incredibly helpful before, during, and after the process of finding our new family member. She was quick to answer all our questions and explain the process, as well as providing us a ton of information to help us set our pup for success. It’s easy to see the level of care, energy, and passion she puts into her work with the pups. We highly recommend RL Valley Ranch to any prospective Aussie families! Ryan and Ariel, puppy Bea (Willow x Cash)

Arwen (Sophie x Cash) has a huge personality and wants to be in the mix of everything! So happy he loves my big doggo and thinks he’s a big dog too! He’s perfect for my little family! -Kanoe

Arwen loves his new home in Hawaii and all the beach walks he’s been going on! He has grown in the last year to be such a sweet, gentle boy who thinks he’s a big dog! He has a lot of personality and adds so much to our lives!

Hi Leah, So nice to hear from you! We always joke that Daisy (Elsa x Cash) would never make it on the farm now, she is so spoiled. We love her dearly and she is our constant companion. She is riding along with us now on our way to Chicago to visit her cousin who is a large Pitt-mix rescue. She is so smart that she likes to play with two toys at once! Joy

 Daisy is the light of our lives. Daisy had a great Christmas doing puzzles, playing games, and visiting with her cousin Poppy the Bostie. 

I can’t say enough great things about Leah and how she raises her puppies. From day one Via (Elsa x Cash) has been so amazing with our three young children. She loves all the attention they give her (even when it can be a bit much at times). A good belly rub and snuggling up on the couch with us is all she needs to be happy. Fetch is by far her favorite game, she could play for hours on end. When the time is right I would love to add another mini to our family and I will no doubt go through RL Valley Ranch again.

Here are some of little Luna (Willow x Cash)! You were right she didn’t get very big and we love her! -Rhonda

Here’s Ruby (Willow x Cash) She is our pride and joy! She is now 9 Mo. old.- Tonda

Penny (Sophie x Cash) is doing well! Very loving and playful , she has stolen our hearts- Jerry

Piper (Sophie x Cash) is doing great!!  She has mastered the “sit” command; doing really good with “stay”, and enjoyed her first leash venture out today! She likes napping on the couch with us…but when not, as you can see, she pulls the blanket down and takes her nap on it!! We are thrilled Leah!! She is settling in very well – Jerrie

Happy New Year from Eddy (Bella x Cash)! -Linda

Just a few new photos of our Luna (Elsa x Cash) ❤️❤️hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas! ????

RL Valley Ranch exceeded our expectations when receiving a new puppy. We were first timers in caring for a puppy and very nervous about what it would mean to care for an 8 week old pup. However, the time, care, attention and LOVE these puppies receive in their first 8 weeks of life really allow for a smooth transition into their new home. Teddie (Anna x Cash) was so nervous the first day we brought him home. I had a large cage with a cushion set up for him and a bunny tray for bathroom use. He stayed in the cage with the door open the whole first day and was pretty timid the first several days. He would use the bunny tray to potty and understand fairly early that the bathroom was outside. He also learned to sit and “high five” within a day or two of teaching him. We got tons of compliments on Teddie in that first month. Everyone commented on how well behaved he was for a puppy. He listened, stayed by us, and slept through the night every night! We never really had to use the cage and got rid of it within a couple weeks because he just listened and stayed in our sunroom as his bedroom (with the door to our sunroom open. We also got him an invisible fence but within a few weeks he learned his boundary and just stays in the yard. He’s a smartie pants! I believe these dogs do better with autonomy and will listen because they want to make you happy. It’s really neat. I did not know I could love a dog this much. He has brought so much joy to our family and I really believe it is because he was bred and raised from a farm that just knows how to raise them. He is healthy, fun, energetic, listens, and is absolutely a dream boat. These puppies deserve the very best homes. Teddie gets so much love and is happy happy happy because he has freedom to run, play and be a dog!

Side note: These pups need lots of exercise so we run him at the park every day with no leash (he stays with us!!) and walk him 1-2 times a day (busier roads so he has a leash but listens so well), plus he gets free range of our 1/2 acre yard all day/every day, and is never caged. He does best this way

Attached are 2 photos from last summer that I just happened to have on my desktop. Teddie is absolutely the best dog ever. As we come up on 2 years in April, I’m thrilled to say he is truly one of the family. He is very playful and fun–and SUCH a good listener! He is so easy to train and just well-behaved. We still could not be happier with our purchase!

We’re so happy we found the ranch and our Lil Nugget (Anna x Cash) ! He loves car rides, loves dogs of all sizes, and even loves cats! He absolutely adores people and our local pet store knows him by name He is such a bundle of happiness and its amazing to see how he makes even strangers smile! -Amber

Our girls, Blaise (Elsa x Cash red merle) is 14.8lb at 5 months, and Trix (Willow x Cash) is 18.7lb at 9 1/2 months. Trix has a beautiful full coat for a pup! Both trained easily on the invisible fence and they are great friends. We love them! – Cheryl

Merry Christmas!! We just wanted to say thank you–stevie (Elsa x Cash) is an absolute joy and we love her so so much. She is super smart, and so gentle, and watching her curiosity as she explores the world is so fun.

We love Stevie so much, and she is the belle of every dog park and doggy daycare. Her new trick is to play nicely with every dog, regardless of size, and she often picks out the largest, mouthiest dog at the park to wrestle with (which makes her parents very proud and also happy because it means she’ll take a nap later). She was about 13 lbs when we last weighed her two weeks ago, so it seems like she’s going to stay on the smaller side, although she is 14 inches tall at the shoulder (she’s a lanky girl) and she is super duper snuggly and curious. My favorite thing from the beginning has been watching her figure out things that scared her at first (big dogs, people carrying boxes, deflated santa clauses, etc haha) and really WANT to explore and figure them out. The startle response training did a lot for her clearly! People regularly comment on how brave she is.

Stevie is the BEST 

She is an extremely high energy highly curious and deeply food motivated Velcro dog. Fun fact–we put a gps on her and have discovered ~300 minutes of exercise a day is about her happy spot…keeps us running around! I have been doing agility training with her and there is nothing she loves more than training. I included a bonus photo of her relaxing on the floor of the local Home Depot…clearly we were taking too long picking out the right bolts!

She is very much a dog’s dog, and takes time to decide people are interesting other than her family, but when her family comes home after leaving for months (or 30 minutes to go to the grocery store) she bares her teeth in a “smile” and wiggles and prances so hard! 

She also still adores kids–particularly little girls. I think she remembers the two who helped raise her 🙂

Leo (sage and cash litter from oct 5, 2020) is doing amazing!  We moved to Phoenix, Arizona in May of last year and he loves it here.  He absolutely loves to hike!  He has such a goofy and loving personality we couldn’t ask for a better dog! He’s also the perfect size at about 15 pounds.  Here are some recent pics of him.
Best, Taylor 

Jax (Willow x Cash) is doing well.  He is around 30 lbs.  From the moment we brought him home my other Aussie (full size 70 lbs) and him have been inseparable.  People ask if he is her baby.  He is so sweet, funny and a cuddle bug.  And every Wednesday at noon when the tornado siren goes off he howls.  He loves to “talk.”  He has truly been a blessing to me.  He gets along with all dogs and always wants to play.  I don’t think he his a mean bone in his body.  He is definitely a Velcro dog.  – Jennifer

(Sage x Enzo June 22) Leo is one amazing pup! He looks so much like his Daddy! Same beautiful golden eyes and red coloring. He’s the sweetest guy, always up for snuggles, loves kids and his favorite thing is just being part of the family. He’s absolutely adorable.  Very little shedding, and barking. He does whine to communicate what he wants though! He’s been easy to train, great with kids and other dogs too. At 6 months, he’s around 14” and 13 pounds. RL Valley delivered on raising a great family pet! We are so happy with him. -Karen

Ivy (the chunker from Willow’s and Cash’s litter) is very well and healthy. She is such a great pup, she’s extremely friendly with people, dogs, and cats and almost never barks. We get stopped almost everyday in Central Park about how pretty she is and how her coloring is special. She is very smart and learns very quickly, we really love her. When we adopted her, I think you mentioned she might be on the bigger side (>25 lbs), however, she ended up stopping growing at 18-19 lbs

Here is an update on Vail (Ellie x Enzo) She is hilarious and has a huge personality, we’re convinced she thinks she’s a big dog! Although she’s pretty tiny she’s faster than most dogs and loves playing chase and drag sticks that are much bigger than her. She loves to play in the snow, go on walks, and smaller hikes! She is the sweetest little dog and so fun to be around. 

Our Mazie (Anna x Cash) will be 1 year old the 4th of next month. She weighs around 19 pounds and about 14-15”. She’s high energy and a cuddle bug. Her favorite place to be is as close to one of us as possible or on our lap. She’s very loving and very smart! She can sit, shake, circle, lay down, roll over, stay. She loves playing fetch always brings it back just doesn’t always want to let go of the ball lol. She goes through chew bones about one a week. And loves everyone she meets!! She has the most expressive eyes and beautiful coat, and her tail is absolutely beautiful, the picture doesn’t show the fullness. She plays well with every other dog she has met and thinks everyone loves her, and constantly wants to lick you.

Hattie is still a tiny little thing. She’s ornery and sweet, loves to be right by your face and will do anything to get between you and the phone so that she’s the center of attention. She loves her dog sister more than anything (much to Rory’s dismay). I’ve attached some pictures of her for the pupdate. 

Halo is doing well and brings me joy everyday.

We are excited to send in a pupdate of Alfie!

Our family can’t imagine what life was like before Alfie became part of our family!  At 4 months old he is 11 pounds and 11 inches tall (the height is hard to tell since he’s quick!)  He loves loves loves to meet new people, kids, dogs, anyone.  He treats everyone he meets like they are his new best friend!  He gives our two daughters (ages 12 and15), my husband, and I kisses and loves to cuddle.  He’s very playful and enjoys exploring our backyard!  We can’t wait to take him to parks and out hiking with us. Alfie keeps my husband and I company when working from home too!  He keeps my kids on their toes as they are learning how to take care of a puppy!  Thank you Leah for our pup!!  We are so grateful that we were able to visit your ranch and get to know his parents Sophie and Enzo.  Alfie (Alfonso) shares their sweetness, curiosity and outgoing attitude!  Thank you Leah!

We’ve loved having Mobi this past year. We got just what we were looking for: sweet, smart, easily trained, and most of all quiet! She barely barks, but even she has to let the Amazon guys know that this is her house! She is from the Willow and Cash litter of Nov 22 and ended up at about 25 pounds. 

Here’s a few updates on our BMM, Pip (from elsa x luke) !

We think he’s just stopped growing at about 30 lbs. He’s a huge fan of snow, frisbee and an afternoon nap. We get stopped at least once on every walk with people telling him he is so handsome, but luckily it’s not gone to his head, much. His charm and his long feathery tail makes us smile everyday. 

We are so grateful to have him as our best friend and companion 🩷 Amanda and Brandon

Marcy is doing great! She loves harassing her sister and playing outside with tug toys and frisbees. She got fixed and microchipped in December, and she also had to have 2 baby teeth extracted. It was a tough 2 weeks because she couldn’t play or chew on anything while she healed. But she’s fine now and back to her crazy self. I don’t know her exact weight but she’s probably close to 30 lbs. She was 25 lbs before her surgery and she’s starting to fill out more. 

Here are some pictures of Marcy and her granny sister Sadie

This is Nessa! (Cash x Willow) She is the absolute best side kick. She is 22lbs and 14 inches tall. Nessa got her good citizen certification by 6 months old and has been training in agility since she was 7 months old. She is definitely an outdoor adventure dog. She loves hiking, camping, beaches, swimming, and spending the summers on the boat.

This is Piper! She’s a funny little girl! About 20 pounds but just as long as her big brother Archie, who she loves more than anything. She is smart and listens and loves snuggling on the couch, watching the neighborhood through our front window, playing with her toys and running around the yard. Sweet but crazy! Lol we love her very much. And turns out we found out we were pregnant the day after we brought her home so now she has a baby human sister!

Milo is doing great. He is a little bundle of energy and loves to spend time off leash in Central Park hopping around like a bunny. Loves to be with his family and his favorite game is to grab a stick and be chased. Very sweet and well behaved, and definitely has some strong guarding instincts around his friends and family 🙂 He is weighing in at about 17 lbs now. 

Oberon (successor to full-sized Puck) was in your Jan 5, 2023 litter and recently had his first birthday.  Here he is in the new-old house we just moved to, where it took him no time to become head of household.  He goes everywhere with us, affectionate with other people, dogs, and cats, and has that beautiful Valley Ranch tail.

Oreo! He loves the snow, and long walks. The picture of him laying down is VERY RARE lol! He fits right in. Has helped me and the girls during some super hard times and is always down for a cuddle when we are upset. He also loves the cat even a little too much sometimes. Very protective of me and the girls as well, but a big lovable fluff ball.

Hi Leah!  Here is a photo of Dash (Eve x Enzo June ‘22).   He is an 18lb ball of energy who is absolutely obsessed with frisbees and fetching balls.  Dash is a very happy & healthy little guy and we couldn’t love him more!

Nahla is still doing great! She’s a little shy of 10lbs. A very gentle, affectionate and lovable girl. I am still surprised at her versatile temperament. She can hang around with me in the yard all day long chasing toys and squirrels, but she can just as easily cozy up on the couch all day. 

I have a sitter / boarder I’ve used for years, almost a decade, who initially refused to have Nahla over for daycare due to her history with Aussies herding, nipping and being aggressive towards other dogs. After Nahla’s first visit this became a non-issue and they grew to love her in no time.

Nahla was an amazing puppy, fast learning, attentive, and easy to potty train. She’s very smart and picks up on things all by herself like when she hears alexa say there’s  motion in the backyard she stands attentively and sometimes goes to look out the backdoor. She’s slowly stepping into her confidence – a little less protective than I thought she would be – but I think with time she’ll get there.

Thank you so much for my sweet girl!

These two definitely keep us busy!  They are super smart, and give much love and joy!

Piper (our 2 yr-old, 23# female blue Merle) and Koda (our chunky little 1 yr-old, 18# male bi-color)

Just wanted to give an update on Murphy (Teddy before I adopted him) 

He’s doing so well adjusting to my family. I’ve attached some pictures to this email! He loves the snow up here in Michigan! He’s greyed a bit too but is just such a sweet boy! 

Thank you for the opportunity to take care of him! I’ll try and keep you posted more frequently!

Finn is doing wonderful.  He is about 25 lbs and 16” at shoulders.
His favorite activities include his morning 2 mile walk, playing frisbee, and herding a beach ball around the yard. 

He is a very quick learner when it comes to tricks and even came up with his own begging trick when he wants a treet.

He loves playing with kids and other dogs.

Hi Leah, I hope you are doing well. Our pup Erfu is a big boy now! Hes one of the Cash Sage litter from November 2021. He weighs just a little under 30lbs and is super super energetic. He is a little anxious and socially awkward, but we love him nonetheless. He gets along so well with our cat haha!! 

Joe is now the middle “fur” child to our family of four becoming an older brother to our son James in 2022. He is one of the chillest pups we have ever met and is no stranger to compliments on just how stinking cute he is! He loves to cuddle mom and dad on the couch and take up the entire bed (not even a joke this guy can sprawl). Additionally, he loves to torment his older brother Sully, always chasing him and getting into trouble (recently they’ve both taken to the habit of ganging up on the neighborhood skunk). 

Joe has been just the perfect addition to our little family and not a day goes by that we don’t count our blessings for adopting. He is a very loved little pup, not just by our family but also from our extended family (particularly he is the biggest love bug to my mother-in-law) who, I often have to check to make sure she hasn’t smuggled him back to her house! 

So in conclusion Joe has been living his life to the fullest and is the happiest and healthiest little pup

Ariba and I just moved to Richmond, Va. So many people are shocked she is not a mixed breed because of her small size! She is about 6.5 now, but loves to eat when she’s bored! She is adjusting to city life, it is much noisier and much less grass than she is used to. She is a great companion as I took a job 

 Ivy (Willow and Cash’s 2022 litter) is now 21 lbs and stands at 15 inches. She loves agility and she even participated at her first UKI agility trial 2 weeks ago (see picture). She’s such a great pup and she follows us in all our adventure.

Junie update!

She’s from your April 2021 litter so she’s almost 3 now. 

Pics from when we first brought her home to now. She’s a very healthy chunk who loves her life on the farm!

Ashe is doing fantastic! She is turning 4 this year and has a new sister, named Onix. She has retired as a service dog but now lives comfortably at home, and is a spoiled princess!

She is a wonderful dog and is so, so loved by my entire family.

I can’t thank you enough for raising such a wonderful puppy! She truly is the best first dog I could’ve asked for!

Here is the pupdate Maeve! 

She is 18lbs, and is our energizer bunny. She loves all people and is a total extravert. The vet ALWAYS comments on how friendly and well socialized she is. 

We officially named her Mia, but her nickname is Wigs which is short for Wiggles. 🙂 Mia is truly the sweetest puppy. I have read about her mom LuLu on your website and I don’t think the apple fell far. Mia still loves being held/carried like a baby and follows me around most of the time. 

24 Week Weight: 13.5

Height: 14.5″ (This measurement was taken at home and may not be accurate – reason we call her Wigs.)

The vet anticipates that she will be 20 pounds when she is grown. I will check to see if they can measure her height more accurately the next time we have an appointment.

We have continued to feed her the Pro Plan canned food with dry mixed. (We add a couple meal mixers too) We leave food down for her, and she grazes through the day. She is not a big eater though. The girls introduced her to pup cups and she gets about 2 a month. 

She has a nice mix of energy. She loves playing, chasing and wrestling with the cat and can be so calm the next minute. She has always been a great sleeper, if it wasn’t for the cat, we could easily sleep in every day. 🙂 Usually she sleeps half in and half out of her bed! Mia loves being outside!! It can get cold here in Colorado so we bought her a coat. She is so happy outside that we sometimes have issues getting her to come in the house. The neighbors have a dachshund named Lazlo and they are best buddies. 

Mia also has the greatest temperament. Enjoys riding in the car and meeting people. LOVES attention and can get so excited that she will have an accident. Other than when she is REALLY excited, she has done exceptionally well with potty training. I imagine as she gets older she won’t have a problem when she is excited. We are so thankful you worked with the puppies to get them used to all different stimulants. She is not afraid of fireworks, vacuum, lawn mower etc. We will see about thunder later this year, but I don’t think it will be an issue. She is excellent with the vet and groomer. No issues with blow dryers or having her nails clipped.

The minute she came home she fell in love with a cow stuffed animal that moos. We joked that it probably reminded her of the farm. She still loves the cow and a lambchop toy. (Luckily they both survived teething). Teething wasn’t too bad, I found some teething rings that she enjoyed so we got lucky. I’m knocking on wood right now. 

I consider Mia a Goldendoodle. Her coat certainly has a lot of wave to it and definitely will need grooming on a regular basis. She just had her first grooming appointment last week and they loved her. We had her trimmed up and her coat seems a little thicker now. 

To say that we love Mia is an understatement. My only regret is that we waited more than 10 years before getting a dog!!

We are so thankful we found her!

He’s been amazing. Confident. Loving. Not a single accident in the house. Crazy smart! Scarlet has him “sit” pretty consistently. Thank you. Rocket continues to be an absolute joy! Smart, funny, fearless, loving! And….. happy new year!

We wanted to send you an update and let you know how Romy (formerly Purple) has been doing during her first few months at home. It’s hard to believe she’s 6mos old and has been with us for over 4! Overall, she has been everything that we were looking & hoping for in a puppy and we anticipate making so many more memories with her. We are super thankful to have found you and for all of the work, care, and energy you put into your pups. 


Romy is incredibly smart – within the first week or two, she had mastered a good handful of commands, and she now knows over 15 very well. She enjoys learning (we can tell how proud she is of herself when she does the “right” thing), and it is so cool to watch her little mind work while she learns and experiences the world. She has been house broken for months now, isn’t destructive at all, and has no behavioral problems whatsoever. She graduated from puppy pre-school and won the “Waggliest Tail” award – a very-well deserved recognition as she will waggle her whole body when she’s happy. We’re going to be doing more formal 1:1 training with her to work more on loose-leash walking and some advanced skills, but for being so young, she’s so impressive. We do quite a bit of enrichment with her, and she’s solved every puzzle we’ve ever given to her with ease (even advanced ones at 3-4mos old). She lets us brush her fur, brush her teeth, bathe her, clean her ears, and do her nails (her favorite method is with a scratch board that we’ve trained her on).

Temperament & Personality

Romy adores everyone. She is super playful & social, and does really well with both kids & other dogs, though she can be a little nervous at first. She recently stayed with our friends and their great dane & 2 little boys while we were out of town for a few days, and they all had a great time playing and cuddling. She LOVES belly rubs (she will roll over for anyone anywhere), sleeps snuggled up to me in bed every night, and likes to be carried around. She recently had her first grooming appointment; she fell asleep “hugging” the groomer while she was getting blow-dried! She and I have a very warm-fuzzy / mother-daughter relationship, but she treats my husband like he is her puppy – she even grooms him and will argue with him which is all very cute. She is phenomenally sweet: she will “pet” people, gives LOTS of kisses, and even lines her toys up on the windowsill to look outside with her. I’ve been surprised by how emotionally intuitive she seems to be, especially for being so young… it’s like she can tell how people are feeling and will adapt her energy / behavior accordingly. 


Romy is the perfect blend of lap dog and adventure buddy. She really enjoys going for hikes (she could go forever, but we’re careful not to overdo it since she’s still developing) and playing fetch in a field. She is always on a mission to find the best stick wherever we are to carry around. We’re looking forward to the summer so that we can take her to the lakes & kayaking… we have a feeling she’ll be a water girl!  She will also happily sleep in later than we do, burrow on the couch, watch TV, and look out the windows for hours each day. I work from home so she’ll often wander through my Zoom background, which my coworkers love. Romy is independent and is happy to occupy herself, but loves being around people. 


Anywhere we go, Romy gets a ton of attention and we’re constantly told how cute and sweet she is. She’s gotten toastier down her back & ears, but her face, chest, and belly are still very light. Her coat is super smooth and soft (almost silky around her face, chest, legs, and tummy) and it often looks like she has tinsel in her coat because she’s almost shimmery! She has the sweetest smile and brightest eyes when she’s happy. We say that she has multiple “hairstyles” because her ears are very expressive – she’ll pin/smooth them back, leave them relaxed, or let them flip inside out & leave them there. Her tail is getting fluffier as she gets older.


Romy was a trooper through all of her vaccinations, doesn’t mind going to the vet (she likes the attention), and is in great health. She is developing well. She’s around 25lbs and is just on the other side of a growth spurt, so she is still a little lanky, but is a healthy weight, is muscular, and is filling out. She seems to be done losing her baby teeth, and we have her scheduled to get spayed next month prior to her first heat. 

Romy has brought us (and everyone she’s met) so much happiness, sweetness, and laughter, and she has really been the perfect fit for us. We were prepared for puppyhood to be really challenging, and while it hasn’t always been a breeze, we have been consistently pleasantly surprised and impressed by her. We attribute much of how great she is to your careful selection of her parents and the time she spent with you, your family, and the other dogs during her early days. 

Hi! Maizey is doing wonderful! She’s so loved and a bit spoiled but we can’t help ourselves. She’s the best puppy I’ve ever met. She listens, trains easily, and really just wants belly rubs and love from people. We are so thankful she is a part of our family💜 here are some pics…

She is doing great! I will send you a photo of her and Penny. We named her Bogey (my husband and son are golfers and wanted a golf name). She is very loving and has a lot of energy. She likes to jump on people when they come in the house, so we are trying to teach her not to do that – but otherwise she’s great! Happy New Year!

Hi! I was thinking about you the other day. Crazy to think he is 6 months. His name Buckeye. He was just at the vet and is 28lbs. He is a great dog. He is fun and playful. Great listener and doing everything he needs to with potty training and crate when he needs to be in it.

I will say he has been the easiest to train. He barks at the back door to go out. Never really had accidents. Slept through the night after the first night. Only chews his toys and it my kids stuff which is amazing.

I’ve had a purebred golden and he sheds but not nearly as much as my purebred. It’s not much I can go a couple of days without vacuuming. I also don’t feel like he sheds on peoples clothes at all. I will also tell you I have allergies to dogs and my golden drove my allergies crazy and Buckeye doesn’t bother them at all.

Here is links to past pups as they have grown up with us here on the ranch! (SOLD, just for reference) Pics are from birth – 8/9weeks. Be sure to also click some of the video links to see pups playing!


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