Puppies are here!!!!  Anna gave birth Sunday July 5th to 4 merle boys!!!!  I have never seen a litter look so similar to each other!!!  Amazing markings, lots of dark around the ears/eyes!!!  FLASHY PUPS!!!  These lucky pups are RESERVED for our deposit list!  (Contact us for info on getting on our wait list!)  Sizes from 11-14″ expected.  Full Panel Clear!  We are so excited for this cross!!!

One proud mama!!! She’s so happy to be a mom!!

Ok.  This litter is AMAZING.  And WOW they are all so SIMILAR?!?!  I have never had pups look so alike!!  It’s very hard to tell them apart.

These guys have grown up so fast!!  2 are in their new homes, 2 headed there soon!!  They sure take playing and napping seriously!! = )


Fun picture day with the amazing Anna Shields!!!  She’s a great photographer, was so much fun taking pics of these lil fluff balls!!


Pics taken 8/4!!

Pics taken 7/28!!  These boys are so stunning!!!  Looking like LOTS of blue eyes!!

Blue Merle Male 1:

Blue Merle Male 2:

Blue Merle Male 3:

Blue Merle Male 4:




Pics taken 7/23!!  Amazing how fast they change in just a couple days!  They are looking around, responding to sounds (puppies are born without ears opening/can’t hear), walking around and sitting!!  2 videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWOscQp2yRo

Pics taken 7/20!!  3 baby boys have their eyes starting to open!!  1 little boy still waiting to open!!

Blue merle male 1, with reddish undertones:

Blue Merle male 2:

Blue Merle Male 3:

Blue Merle Male 4:

Pics taken 7/14!!  How are these lil boys over a week old already??  Weather was so nice outside, I just had to do some outside pics!!



Taking pics is hard work, time for a nap!!



Male 1:  This guy is easiest to tell apart, although he is blue merle he is a different shade/coloring:




Ok here’s the tricky guys.  Blue Merle Male 2: Most Black on right side of face:







Blue Merle Male 3: Big Black spot on forehead, black above right eye/under right ear:





Blue Merle Male 4:  2 black ears, black below right eye:













Anna pictured below, and heres a link to Anna’s page for lots more pics and info: https://rlvalleyranchaussies.com/ladies/anna-the-mini-australian-shepherd/

And Daddy Cash below:

Heres a link to Cash’s page for lots more pics and info: https://rlvalleyranchaussies.com/sires/cash-the-toy-australian-shepherd/


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