We have 4 girls!!!  These puppies are RESERVED.   For more info on getting on our deposit list, please contact us!

2 blue merles, 2 black tris!!!  These pups will be 12-15″ both toy and mini sizes expected.

Already fat and sassy and laying belly up LOL life is good!!

Playing outside!  Don’t mind the mess, happy pups don’t mind a little dirt!



Pics 3/14!

Starting to explore outside!!!  What a gorgeous spring day!!!

Warm enough for a quick adventure out for some sunny pics!!

Blue Merle Female 1:

Blue Merle Female 2:

Black Tri Female 1:  This pretty gal is AVAILABLE!!!!

Black Tri Female 2:

Eyes are open!! Hello little ones!!

Blue Merle Female 1:

Blue Merle Female 2:

Black Tri Female 1:  AVAILABLE!!!!  $1500  this little gal is so cute!!  Looks just like daddy Cash!!  

Black Tri Female 2:

Baby pics!!

Blue Merle Female 1:  Light silver merle, cute dark patch on left side of face!!!  A lot like mom!!

Blue Merle Female 2:  Lots of white, this gal is going to be a head turner!!

Black Tri Female 1:  Flashy classic markings looks a lot like daddy Cash!!

Black Tri Female 2:  Adorable stripe on face, cute white patches on neck!!

Pic below of mama Anna:

Pic below of daddy Cash:


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