Sage has given birth, on Thanksgiving!!! What special little puppers!!!  We have 7 pups!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!  We have: 3 blue merle males, 1 red merle female, 1 black tri male, 1 red tri male, 1 black tri female!!!!  What an amazing assortment of colors!!!  THESE LUCKY PUPS ARE RESERVED FOR OUR DEPOSIT LIST.  CONTACT US for info on reserving a future pup!!   We are very excited for this cross!!!  Past  pups from Sage and Cash have done some training for service work and done very well!!  Most pups will be 12-14″ and 15-25lb with some maturing slightly under or over.



Pics from Christmas to Jan 3!  Mish mash

We snuck outside for some quick pics!  They weren’t too sure what to think LOL

Blue Merle Male 1:

Blue Merle Male 2:

Blue Merle Male 3:

Black Tri Male:

Red Tri Male:

Black Tri Female:

Red Merle Female:

12/12/21  Eyes are open!!!! Hi babies!!!!

Blue Merle Male 1:  Most white on face

Blue Merle Male 2:

Blue Merle Male 3:

Black Tri Male:

Red Tri Male: possible blue eyes?

Red Merle Female:

Black Tri Female:

Baby Pics!!!

Blue Merle Male 1:  Most white on face of the 3 blue merle boys, this guy is stunning!

Blue Merle Male 2:  Lots of dark patches, super flashy guy!!!  Little to no copper

Blue Merle Male 3: Dark copper, adorable patches around his eyes!!!  So cool!

Black Tri Male:  Super cute guy, twins with his black tri female sister!!

Red Tri Male:  Cute dot on head, this is a handsome guy!!!

Red Merle Female:  This is one unique looking gal!!!

Black Tri Female:  Adorable markings, lots of copper!!

Pic below of happy Mama Sage!  Click her pics to see her page!

Pic below of Cash Man!


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