Willow & Cash puppies are here!!!  We have a litter of 8 pups!!! WOW!!!!  There is: 2 black tri females, 1 red tri female, 1 blue merle female, 2 black tri males, 2 blue merle males!!  Mama Willow and pups are doing well, everyone is resting and bonding!  Individual puppy pics will be done in a day or 2.  This is a repeat cross, and one we absolutely LOVE!!  Stunning pups of all colors expected!!  Sizes vary from large toy to mini sizes, 13-16″ and 20-35lb at maturity.  Contact us for info on getting on the deposit list to reserve a future pup!!!

This is one big puppy pile!!!  Not to worry, it is normal for pups to pile up like this (even some pups upside down LOL), especially in a larger litter!  They LOVE being warm and snuggled together  = )

THERE WILL BE SEVERAL PUPS AVAILABLE IN THIS LITTER!!  Available pups will be determined soon, contact us for info on getting in line to choose a pup!!

Black Tri Female 1:  Classic tuxedo markings, just like dad Cash!!  AVAILABLE price pending eye color  ($1700 brown eyes, $2000 blue eyes)


Black Bi Female 2:  This gal is so cute, very unique no white on face, 4 white paws, white on chest.  TIny little white mark on her back!!  Too cute!!  AVAILABLE price pending eye color ($1500 brown eyes, $2000 blue eyes)



Red Tri Female:  This little red head certainly stands out!!  PENDING DEPOSIT PICKS



Blue Merle Female:  Stunning gal!!!  PENDING Deposit Picks


Black Bi Male 1:  Another pup with no white on face, 4 white paws and chest!!  He might lack the flash factor, but this guy is going to be stunning in his own way!! AVAILABLE price pending eye color  ($1500 brown eyes, $2000 blue eyes)



Black Bi Male 2:  Twinning with his brother, except a tiny white strip on face!   He’s going to look cool!! AVAILABLE price pending eye color  ($1500 brown eyes, $2000 blue eyes)


Blue Merle Male 1:  WOWZA, really neat markings on this boy, looks a lot like mom!!!  AVAILABLE $2200


Blue Merle Male 2:  FLASHY, he will be a head turner!!  AVAILABLE!!  $2200





Pic below of past pup from this cross, SOLD for reference only!!

Mama Willow below, click pic to see her page!

Daddy Cash below, click pic to see his page!


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