Miniature Golden Retriever


69% golden retriever

22% toy poodle

8% cavalier

This guy is awesome.  I searched a long long time looking for a mini golden retriever that was high % golden, small, and has that true golden look and personality!!  His personality is amazing- true to the golden breed, he is extremely friendly, happy go lucky.  Love love loves to snuggle.  Love love loves kids.  He is very tolerant to being held and picked up by our daughters.  He is a true gem!!!  He loves to fetch, loves water.  I cannot count how many times people come meet our dogs and say “he’s the perfect dog!”  or “I’ve never met a dog like him”   He’s just so cool.  We are ecstatic to be offering these mini goldens.  Look for our first litter this coming JULY 2023!!!

Simba gives THE BEST HUGS = )


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