LuLu & Simba Mini Golden Puppies BORN Feb 24!!!!

Lulu and Simba pups have arrived!! 1 pup available!!! This is our second litter of mini goldens.  Size ranges are expected to be 20-40lb on most pups.  Expect variety in color and coat types!  Some will have a more wavy doodle coat like mom, which means less shedding!  Some...

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Ellie & Enzo BORN March 3!!!!

Ellie and Enzo puppies are here!!! WOW 7 pups!!!  We have:  2 red merle females, 4 red tri females, 1 red merle male!!  This is a repeat cross, and one that we really love!!  Sizes expect 12-14″ and 12-25lb range- wonderful size for most folks!!  Contact us for info...

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Willow & Luke Mini Aussie Puppies BORN Dec 7!!!

Willow & Luke puppies are here!!  5 pups!!! We have:  1 blue merle female, 1 light red tri female, 1 black tri male, 2 blue merle males!! These puppies will be 13-16″ and 20-35lb ranges.   Really excited to see this cross, both mom and dad are STUNNING and wonderful...

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Eve and Luke mini aussies BORN Dec 11!!

RESERVED This guy is adorable!!  Beautiful head shape, lovely build, and a charming personality to match!!  LOVE LOVE LOVES kids!!!  This pup is such a happy little soul.  He’s always literally right by my feet and just wiggling with happiness to be by people!!  Incredibly sweet, friendly nature. Full...

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Bella & Cash Toy Australian Shepherds BORN Dec 3!!!

Bella and Cash toy australian shepherd puppies are here!! We have 5 pups:  2 blue merle females, 2 black tri males, 1 blue merle male!!  Expect 10-13″ and 10-25lb on most pups.  Repeat cross, love this cross!!  Mama Bella is the sweetest most loving little aussie ever.  Cash is...

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Elsa & Luke mini aussie puppies born 6/23!!!

THESE PUPS ARE RESERVED!!    We have 5 pups!!  1 black tri female, 1 red tri female, 1 blue merle female (minimal merle, very unique!), 1 black tri male, 1 blue merle male!!  Very excited for this cross!!!  Pups will be 14-16″ and 20-35 lb range.   We will be...

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Sophie x Enzo TOY aussie litter BORN Feb 18!!

THESE PUPS ARE RESERVED!!!!  Contact us for info on upcoming litters! Sophie and Enzo toy aussie puppes are here!!!! We have:  2 blue merle males, 1 red merle male, 1 red tri male, 1 red merle female!!!  Expect 10-13″ and 10-20lb range on pups, all colors possible!!! This is...

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Sage & Cash!! BORN Jan 5th!!!

ALL PUPS ARE RESERVED!! This little gal is a total sweetheart!!!  She’s easy going, loves to be cuddled and held, and is just a happy little gal!  She enjoys playing and exploring, but also has a nice calm energy when she’s ready to chill.  This gal is going to...

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Eve & Luke (BORN Jan 2!!)

ALL PUPS ARE RESERVED!!! This little guy is a true cuddle bug!!!  He likes to play and explore, but his favorite thing is to be held in your arms.  He is always at my side, following me around.  Loves our kids, and always begging them to carry him around...

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