Anna & Cash

 We have 4 girls!!!  These puppies are RESERVED.   For more info on getting on our deposit list, please contact us! 2 blue merles, 2 black tris!!!  These pups will be 12-15″ both toy and mini sizes expected. Playing outside!  Don’t mind the mess, happy pups don’t mind a little...

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Sage & Cash Litter!~

Sage has given birth, on Thanksgiving!!! What special little puppers!!!  We have 7 pups!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!  We have: 3 blue merle males, 1 red merle female, 1 black tri male, 1 red tri male, 1 black tri female!!!!  What an amazing assortment of colors!!!  THESE LUCKY PUPS ARE...

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Sophie & Cash

Sophie has given birth!!! Pups born Oct 28!!  This litter is a knockout!!!!  We have:  1 blue merle female, 1 red merle female, 1 red merle male, 1 red tri male!!!  This is a repeat cross, and a phenomenal cross at that!!  We love these pups- toy sizes expected....

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Bella & Cash Sept Litter

Bella has given birth!!!  Puppies born Sept 6!!!  We have: 3 blue merle males, 1 blue merle female, 1 black tri male!!  Mama and babies are doing great!!! 10-14″ expected sizes, with most staying under 20 lbs at maturity (some may stay tiny under 10 lb!)  These lucky pups...

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Elsa & Cash Summer!

Elsa has given birth!!! 7 PUPPIES!!!!! WOWZA!!!!!!!!  Puppies born August 11th.  We have:  1 blue merle boy, 1 red merle girl, 1 blue merle girl, 1 black tri female, 2 black tri males, 1 red tri male!!!!  All the colors of the aussie rainbow!!!!  Mama and pups are doing...

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Sage & Cash Spring

Sage has given birth to a litter of 4 healthy pups!!  We have 2 blue merle males, and 2 black tri females!!  Mama and pups are doing great, will be updating pics in a day or so.  Sizes expected in this litter are 12-15″ (15-30lbs)  These puppies are RESERVED...

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Anna & Cash Spring

Anna’s puppies are here!!!  Anna gave  birth to 5 black tri puppies April 7!!!  We have 3 boys and 2 girls!!!  These lucky puppies are RESERVED for our deposit list.  Please contact us for info on future litters!! Pics 6/1!  There’s a pup from Willow’s litter in this bunch...

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Willow & Cash!!

Willow has given birth!!!!  Willow and puppies are doing great, amazing first time mama!!!  There are 2 black tri females (very little white on face!) 2 black tri males, and 2 blue merle females!!  More pics to come soon!!!!  These lucky pups are RESERVED for our deposit list, please...

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Anna’s Winter Litter

Our sweet Anna Bannana will be cycling soon!  We are very excited for a winter litter (Feb or later).  We are planning on pairing her with Teddy.  These pups will be 12-15″ and 15-30lbs with some pups being toy sized, and some mini sizes.  This future litter is RESERVED...

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