Here’s some tips and tricks for the drive or flight home with your new pup!

Driving: If you are driving your pup to your home, the # 1 concern is safety. Your pup will have had 2 vaccinations for parvo prevention, but at 8/9 weeks of age, they are still not fully protected. Full protection doesn’t happen until 12-16 weeks of age after at least 1 more vaccination.

So, how do you safely travel home? I recommend not letting your pup out of your car until you are home. I recommend brining a litter box with you (see litter box info on this page). I set the litter box in the trunk area and stop every couple hours to let pup relieve himself. DO NOT USE HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS FOR YOUR PUPPY TO GO POTTY. DO NOT USE road side rests, gas stations, etc. Parvo can live in the ground for over 10 years. It only takes 1 sick dog doing their business or vomitting on the ground to contaminate the area. Parvo is extremely contagious.

Bring lots of extra towels, blankets and baby wipes or paper towels in case of car sickness. If your puppy does get carsick, be sure to get puppy to eat a good meal when you are home. Puppies can get low blood sugar levels quickly.

Flying with your pup: If you are flying home with your pup, same precautions apply as driving. DO NOT USE the potty are in the airport designated for dogs. (see parvo info above) Instead, go to a family restroom, and spread out some potty pads for your puppy to use. (I don’t like potty pads, but pretty hard to bring litter/pellets, so this one time exception!) You will also want towels, blankets, wipes/paper towels in case of car sickness.

Using a flight nanny? We make sure your nanny knows to not use the dog potty area.


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