I’m writing this page to show exactly what comes with your puppy go home tote! It is hard to explain it all in person when there’s a new puppy to love on and wearing masks!!

Most important is your folder:

Inside you will find first your puppy’s health record. This has dates of dewormer and vaccinations.

Next you will find the record from their vet visit. It often is a pamphlet with the record of vaccine given on their 7 week checkup.

Next is your application for registration. This is through the American Stock Dog Registry. Super easy, simply fill it out and send it in, or you can even fill it out online! americanstockdog.org

Next 2 pages are reminders for you/your vet on aussies and MDR1. This stands for Multi Drug Resistance. All our aussies are tested and not carrier for this gene. However, we still strongly advise you to not give your aussie any of the medications on the list (the biggie is Ivermectin, a type of dewormer) There is some evidence that even dogs that are non carriers of MDR1 can still have adverse reactions to the medications on the list. Better safe than sorry, simply avoid these medications!

The next page is a reminder to trim puppy nails weekly! It can actually effect the way their bones grow.

The next page is a page on POOP! Often times pups get loose stools due to stress from moving to a new home. This page is a handy guide on when to be concerned on loose stools.

Next page is a Puppy Socialization page printed off. There’s another socialization checklist on our website, I recommend using BOTH! I know it can be challenging to socialize during a pandemic. But the importance cannot be under stated. Try your best! Be safe!

The last 3 pages in your packet are handy and easy training exercises I highly recommend: 10 step handling exercise, The puppy puppy puppy call, and a treat game.

Ok! Next in your Tote of goodies!

Food: Included in your bag is a pretty big bag of dry food Purina Pro Puppy. Your puppy is currently being fed free choice. This means food is available 24/7. This helps growing pups meet the demands their bodies need to grow healthy. It also helps prevent any bad habits of fighting for food or resource gaurding. You will probably want to begin feeding on a schedule or holding food at night or both to help aid in potty training. Your vet can advise you on how much your pup should get per day/per feeding. I always want to make sure a growing pup gets more than they eat in a feeding, so that they are completely full, not hungry, as a starting point. Both these foods can be bought at Tractor Supply, Rural King, Menards, and online on Chewy.com

Also in your tote is a small bag of treats. We LOVE Full Moon chicken jerky!! Human grade, so I feel really confident in their safety and how they are made. Full Moon treats can be found at tractor supply, rural king, chewy and amazon. They have a lot of different flavors and sizes available, all human grade!! They’re also great for teaching tricks, because dogs love them so much!

Also in your tote is a blanket that smells like mom/brothers/sisters. Great to help ease the transiton:

Toys! We send a couple toys with – we find young pups love smaller sizes they can carry around and also really love any toy that “crinkles”

I don’t recommend leaving them unattended with these toys, because they do have stuffing and a squeaker.

I think that’s it!


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