Here at RL Valley Ranch Aussies, we work hard to produce well adjusted puppies.  Our goal is to raise puppies who will have the best chance to grow into confident, resilient, and stable adult dogs that fit in with modern families.  This takes a lot of time and work.  We raise all our puppies using Puppy Culture methods.

For more info on Puppy Culture watch this video and check out their website:

Raising well adjusted puppies starts with having well adjusted parent dogs.  Stress in a pregnant dam will actually effect her pups! This is mother natures way of preparing the puppies for life outside the womb.  This comes down to parent dogs being in an environment in which they are HAPPY, and have lots of exercise, attention and love.  It is our #1 priority that our dogs are healthy and happy.  Be sure to check out this album here to see our “doggie oasis” where our dogs spend time when not in our home.  Lots of room to run and play, toys, a pool in the summer, and heated in the winter.  Also be sure to read here about choosing a breeder, for more info on what to look for when considering buying a puppy.

Heres a quick over view of what being raised using Puppy Culture means:

Neonatal Period:  first 2 weeks:  Puppies are provided with Early Neurological Stimulation- This is so important and the benefits of doing this include:  stronger heart, greater endurance, stronger immune system, faster recovery and tolerance from stress

Pic of our whelping area:

toy aussie for saleTransitional Period:  2-3 weeks:  During this time puppies eyes open, learn to lap liquids and begin “toddling”.  During this time we add goat milk mash to their diets, and add toys with difference scents and sounds.  We also start litter box training during this time.  More info on litter box training HERE.

mini aussie for sale ohio

We start with litter area right in front of bed area.  Then they graduate to this type area:

Critical Socialization Period:  3-12 weeks:  We work diligently to expose pups to age appropriate sights and sounds during this time:

  • Week 3– puppies are exposed to visitors, and we work on startle recovery (this is covered in puppy culture dvds).  Foundation exercises for prevention of separation anxiety start now
  • Week 4– we start emotional resiliance exercises.  Different surfaces & sounds are added.  Puppies are removed from their litter and mom for individual cuddle sessions.  Crates are introduced with doors open with comfy beds to encourage napping in crate.
  • Week 5– Puppies learn to communicate with humans in acceptable ways.  “Manding” instead of jumping.  Barrier obstacles are introduced.  Puppies go through fear periods during this week, so we only expose them to what they can each individually handle.  Puppies are fed in their crates.
  • Week 6–  Puppies are exposed to other appropriate dogs this week, hugely important in socializing puppies to other dogs.  Puppies continue all the above weeks.  Puppies nap in their crates sometimes doors open sometimes closed.
  • Week 7:  Problem behavior prevention methods are started:  we teach our pups to love to have someone take their food, toys, bones away.  This prevents resource gaurding later.  Puppies eat in crate closed, nap closed crate, chew on bone with door closed.  Pretend nail trimming is done.
  • Week 8:  Another fear period starts this week, so we are extra careful pups have all positive experiences.  Week 7 exercises are repeated, and pups also sleep overnight in their crate.
  • Week 8-Week 9:  All above exercises are done, and puppies continue to sleep in their crates.  We practice taking puppies to a brand new home this week, as a mock “bringing puppy home” exercise.  This ensures we see how the puppy will react in their new environment and makes sure they are ready!

Why 9 weeks:  We will never let a pup go to their new homes before they are ready.  Most pups are ready at 8 weeks of age.  Some need an extra week to be developmentally ready.  (usually these are the smaller pups) Just like kids, each mature at their own pace.


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