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Color Me’s SipN On Irish Encounters- “Irish”

SO excited for this addition to “the pack!”  Irish is an rare color in the aussie breed- “yellow” and I just LOVE rare colors!!  The color yellow being not in breed standard is a little out of date, in my opinion.  It is from a time when we didn’t have color testing, which is now days readily available and affordable.  Yellow hides the merle color, which is why aussies don’t have yellow in the breed standard.  However, now we have a lot more genetic info on colors, and ALL solid colors CAN mask merle, not just yellow!  Any tri breeding dog should definitely be tested before breeding to a merle dog, because merle can look like a solid/tri color (“hides”)

Ok, enough on yellow color genterics, back to our sweet Irish!!  Irish has such a beautiful coat and stunning bright blue eyes!  She is a perfect size at 12 1/2 ” and 17 lbs.  Irish is very sweet and loving, and loves to be held and cuddled.  She has a wonderful calm temperament and is very easy going.  She likes to play with her bestie, Rip, and gets along great with all the other doggos here.

We are exctied to see her first litter here this summer 2024!  She will be paired with Rip, with all colors possible including yellow!!!  More pics coming



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