Biting and Tips on Training with Kids

All puppies love to bite.  It’s their nature.  It’s how they play.


So, what to do when puppy bites?

– Never set puppy up to fail.  Don’t put your hands in puppies mouth to let them mouth you.

– Always have toys available to redirect puppy when they are wanting to bite.  If I’m going to sit down on the floor and play with puppy, I always have toys with me.  We know puppy will want to bite and chew, so having something that is appropriate to do so with, is a win.

If puppy is jumping up at you and trying to bite, simply pick puppy up, face away from you, and re direct them to something else.  (toys, bones etc)

It’s very very important if you have kids, or kids in your home, to never let them play together unsupervised.  As the adult, it is YOUR JOB to ensure puppy and kid do not get in a situation where kid is bitten.  If puppy is in a wild frenzied state, remove kid or separate pup immediately.  Kids should only be allowed to play with puppies with TOYS, never using their hands to play.

Redirect, and always use toys, not hands!  And remember, it is just a phase, it will pass quicker than you think!!


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