House Training Your New Puppy

First, things NOT to do:

NEVER spank your puppy when they potty in the wrong place!

NEVER shove your puppies nose in its poop or pee, makes zero sense

Ok, Now a guide to housetraining!!

Make sure you have a designated place for puppy to be when you cannot watch them.  Your puppy is used to a 4×6 area.  But any will do.  The area should have a potty area, sleep area, food area, and a space to play.

We LOVE litter box training.  It helps SO MUCH to give pups an idea that there is a space to go potty, instead of going anywhere and everywhere.  As soon as puppies can walk, they have a potty area.  Litter boxes are great for many reasons:

– much more sanitary than potty pads

-easier to clean

-potty pads can give pups the wrong idea ( I know this from personal experience) that they will often think they should potty on things like carpet, rugs, towels or blankets, etc.  SO HARD to break them from this habit!  So, in my opinion, puppy pee pads are NOT a good option.

-litter box training is great for when the weather is bad, and pup has to go.

-litter boxes can’t be shredded like potty pads (choking and impaction risk)

We use rabbit trays from Tractor Supply, filled with alfalfa pellets (also from TSC).  ALfalfa pellets are safe if ingested, so you don’t have to worry.

If your puppy is “missing” the litter area when in his/her pen, shrink the pen down to only a sleep area and potty area.  After a day or so of success, you can expand the pen again.  A pen can be set up in a designated room (laundry rooms etc), but keep in mind your pup will be happier if the pen is somewhere they can see you.

You should use the pen area anytime you cannot fully watch puppy for signs they need to go.  THis includes working on computer/phone, making dinner, etc.  Until they are fully trained, the pen should be used so they learn to go outside.

Take puppy out to potty anytime they start looking for a spot.  Puppies need to go frequently at first, at least every 2 hours and after every meal and after waking from naps.

It can help to sprinkle some alfalfa pellets on the ground outside to help them “get the idea”  this really makes the transition from litter box to outside very easy and smooth!

Having a little treat available to give some positive reinforcement when they do potty outside is always a good idea too!

Remember it is time consuming for the first several weeks, but being consistent and diligent in the beginning sets the pup up for success the rest of their lives.  It’s worth the effort!


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