Ellie and Enzo puppies are here!!! WOW 7 pups!!!  We have:  2 red merle females, 4 red tri females, 1 red merle male!!  This is a repeat cross, and one that we really love!!  Sizes expect 12-14″ and 12-25lb range- wonderful size for most folks!!  Contact us for info on getting on the list for this litter!


Playing Outside!!

Red Merle Female 1:  RESERVED

Red Merle Female 2:  RESERVED


Red Tri Female 1:  RESERVED


Red Tri female 2:  RESERVED

Red tri Female 3:  RESERVED


Red Tri female 4:  RESERVED congrats Jean!!


Red Merle Male:  RESERVED

Eyes are open!! HI babies!!

Red Merle Female 1:  RESERVED congrats Merrily!!

Red Merle Female 2:  RESERVED congrats Randal!!

Red Tri Female 1:  RESERVED congrats Nicole!!

Red Tri Female 2:  RESERVED Congrats Maddeline!!

Red Tri Female 3:  RESERVED congrats Kim!!

Red Tri Female 4:  AVAILABLE!!!  Very pretty gal, classic markings!!  $1800

Red Merle Male:  RESERVED congrats Laura!!

Newborn Pics!!

Red Merle Female 1:  Really cool markings, flashy gal!!

Red Merle Female 2:  Light coloring, super pretty gal!!

Red Tri Female 1:  Big blaze on face, partial white collar.  Pretty!!  Twinning with RTF 4

Red Tri Female 2:  Adorable markings, tiny little gal!!

Red Tri Female 3:  Very flashy, huge white full collar, beautiful!

Red Tri Female 4:  Twinning with RTF 1, except his gal has a full collar to tell them apart!

Red Merle Male:  WOW such cool markings on this little guy!!!

Ellie is our home grown gal- daughter of Sophie and Cash!  She is super super smart and just LOVES learning new tricks, including agility!!  She’s a very fun happy gal to have around!!  Click pic to go to Ellies page!

Enzo is our handsome red tri boy!  He adores kids and loves WATER!!!  Whenever theres a full water dish, there’s Enzo laying in it and SO HAPPY lol.  Funny, goofy, and loveable all describe this boy to a tee!!  click pic to go to his page!


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