Elsa & Enzo puppies are here!!! 6 MERLES born on Thanksgiving!!! We are very blessed!!  We have: 4 red merle males, 1 blue merle male, 1 blue merle female!!  Pups will be large toy – mini size at 13-16″ and 20-35lb depending on the pup.  Elsa is “Queen of the Ranch” and we just love her puppies!!  Check out her daughter Eve to see her beautiful daughter and our past pups page has past pups too!


Red Merle Male 4- RESERVED- Congrats Brittany & Family!!

This boy is a ham.  He loves to explore and play!  Loves toys, he is going to love to fetch! He is just so full of love, and is always happy.  Silly, playful, but still gentle and sweet.  He will thrive in any active family!  2 amber colored eyes, very handsome, unique colored boy!!!  Videos below, click my name/my channel to watch more videos on youtube!!




Blue Merle Female RESERVED

Red Merle Male 1:  RESERVED

Red Merle Male 2:  RESERVED

Red Merle Male 3:  RESERVED

Blue Merle Male:  RESERVED


Fun outside!!  Such beautiful weather!!

Pics taken 12/20!

Blue Merle Female:  RESERVED

Red Merle Male 1:  RESERVED congrats Laura and family!!!

Red Merle Male 2:  AVAILABLE $2200

Red Merle Male 3:  RESERVED congrats Lory & family!!

Red Merle Male 4:  AVAILABLE $2200





Blue Merle Male: RESERVED!!  Congrats Mercedes!!




Blue Merle Female:  RESERVED

Red Merle Male 1:  I don’t usually “name” pups.  But.  This guy, has a cute “mowhawk” ridge of hair down his forehead!!  I just can’t help but call him Mo lol.  AVAILABLE $2200

Red Merle Male 2:  AVAILABLE $2200

Red Merle Male 3:  AVAILABLE $2200

Red Merle Male 4:  This little guy hasn’t had his eyes open very long.  Still a little squinty, and still has “baby ears” which is totally normal for his age.  Even before his eyes were open, he was wagging that happy tail!!  Too cute  AVAILABLE $2200

Blue Merle Male:  AVAILABLE $2500


Blue Merle Female:  little mama Elsa look alike!!  What a beauty!!  ON HOLD PENDING DEPOSIT PICKS


Red Merle Male 1:  WOW is all I have to say!!  Such a cool color!!!  AVAILABLE $2200

Red Merle Male 2:  Stunning pup!!  Classic red merle and white markings!! AVAILABLE $2200


Red Merle Male 3:  Very cool looking pup!!! Minimal white on face!!  Lots of neat colors in his merle!! AVAILABLE $2200

Red Merle Male 4:  Smallest in the litter right now (but that can change!) Very flashy markings on this pup!!!  Lots of copper!! AVAILABLE $2200

Blue Merle Male:  This is the coolest face markings ever!!!  I just LOVE dark faces, this guy is going to be something else!!! AVAILABLE $2500

Pic below of Mama Elsa (click pic to see Elsa’s page)!!

Pic below of our handsome Enzo  (click pic to see Enzo’s page)


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