Bella and Cash toy australian shepherd puppies are here!! We have 5 pups:  2 blue merle females, 2 black tri males, 1 blue merle male!!  Expect 10-13″ and 10-25lb on most pups.  Repeat cross, love this cross!!  Mama Bella is the sweetest most loving little aussie ever.  Cash is our little man of the ranch!!  Info on each parent pages below!


Contact us for info on getting on the deposit list!

Puppy pics!!!  Fun in the snow!!


Black Tri Male 1:  Smaller of the 2 tri males, expect 15 lb range  RESERVED- congrats Maureen!!! 

This boy has a very laid back quiet personality with a dash of playful antics!!  Very sweet, cuddly and affectionate just like his mama!!  Always looking for where the people are at and adores children.  This pup will easily fit into any type household.

Blue Merle Female 1:  RESERVED

Blue Merle Female 2:  RESERVED

Black Tri Male 2:  RESERVED

Blue Merle Male:  RESERVED

Blue Merle Female 1:  1 dark eye, 1 eye blue or marbled.  Stunning gal, very small, expect 15lb range  RESERVED congrats Sarah!!

Blue Merle Female 2:  2 blue eyes, perfect little gal.  Bigger of the 2 blue merle girls, expect 15-20lb  RESERVED congrats Nick!!


Black Tri Male 2:  Such a charming pup already!!  Very sweet sweet pup.  20 lb range at maturity  RESERVED congrats Dana!!

Blue Merle Male:  TINY adorable little guy!!!  2 blue eyes  expect 10lb range at maturity  RESERVED congrats Alexis!!

Newborn pics below!

Blue Merle Female 1:  Beautiful merle girl, darker coloring and more dark spots than her merle sister.

Blue Merle Female 2:  Beautiful merle girl, lighter colored

Black Tri Male 1:  Twinning with his tri brother, these guys are very hard to tell apart!!  Classic, beautiful markings, lots of copper

Black Tri Male 2: Twinning with his tri brother, these 2 are hard to tell apart!!  Such handsome classic markings!!  This guy has a white marking on his back that tells him apart.

Blue Merle Male:  WOWZA!!!  TINY little guy!!  Looks a lot like mama Bella, he’s a flashy boy with dark spots in his merling, and lots of dark copper!!!

Mama Bella

toy australian shepherd puppies for sale

Dad Cash

toy australian shepherd puppies for sale


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