This guy is adorable!!  Beautiful head shape, lovely build, and a charming personality to match!!  LOVE LOVE LOVES kids!!!  This pup is such a happy little soul.  He’s always literally right by my feet and just wiggling with happiness to be by people!!  Incredibly sweet, friendly nature. Full of entertaining antics, is always up for tug of war, fetch or he happily entertains himself by carrying prized toys around!!  Playful, happy little guy who will share lots of joy with a lucky family = )  He is ready for his family now!!  Expect 20lb range at maturity.


Snow pics!!

Red Merle Female:  RESERVED

Red Tri Female 1:  RESERVED

Red Tri Female 2:  RESERVED

Red Tri Female 3:  RESERVED

Red Merle Male 1:  RESERVED



Red Merle Male 2:  RESERVED

Red Merle Female:  Very pretty gal, light colors with dark patches!!  Blue eyes most likely , Long tail  RESERVED congrats Susie!!

Red Tri Female 1 – Such a beauty!!  Blue eyes?  Long tail  RESERVED congrats Jessica!!

Red Tri Female 2:  Love this gals pretty copper!!  Amber eyes?  Natural bob tail, medium length  RESERVED congrats Jackie & Kevin!!

Red Tri Female 3-  adorable, love the imperfect white blaze, too cute!!  Amber eyes, natural bob tail, short length  RESERVED congrats Caroline & Lauren!!

Red Merle Male 1:  WOWZA, sharp markings, blue or marbled eyes.  Natural bob tail, medium length  RESERVED congrats Whitney!!

Red Merle Male 2:  Very unique markings on this handsome boy!!  Blue or marbled eyes, natural bob tail, medium length.  RESERVED congrats Malinna!!

Newborn pics below:

Red Merle Female:  Very pretty gal, light colors with dark patches!!  Long tail

Red Tri Female 1:  Wide blaze, white socks and tip of tail!!  Long tail

Red Tri Female 2:  Such a cool looking pup, reminds me a lot of dad Luke!!  Gorgeous copper.  Natural bob tail, medium length

Red Tri Female 3:  Cool blaze on her face, almost split look.  Very flashy pup!!  Natural bob tail, short


Red Merle Male 1:  WOWZA  really cool markings on this boy!!  Natural bob tail, medium length

Red Merle Male 2:  This is a neat pup!!  Merle markings predominantly on face and legs and a couple patches.  Natural bob tail, medium length

Eve Red Tri Male:  Classic look on this handsome boy, natural bob tail short length

Eve is our home raised daughter of Elsa and Cash.  She is everything we strive to produce- sweet loving intelligent and of course gorgeous!!

Luke is our handsome red tri male with blue eyes!!  He is such a devoted loving dog, extremely loyal and affectionate!!  Read more about him on his page, click pic below


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