THESE PUPS ARE RESERVED!!    We have 5 pups!!  1 black tri female, 1 red tri female, 1 blue merle female (minimal merle, very unique!), 1 black tri male, 1 blue merle male!!  Very excited for this cross!!!  Pups will be 14-16″ and 20-35 lb range.   We will be going through our deposit list before listing any pups as available.


8/3:  Outside in the big play yards!!

7/24:  Really getting brave!!  Love this age!!  THESE PUPS ARE RESERVED!!!


Eyes are open!! Hello Babies!!  7/14:

Blue Merle Female:

Red Tri Female:

Black Tri Female:

Blue Merle Male:

Black Tri Male:

Newborn pics = )

Blue Merle Female:  This is one unique gal!!  “Minimal Merle” meaning her body is very dark, just a couple lighter areas, lots of merle on her face!  Long tail

Red Tri Female: Wowza, I just love dark faces!!  White on her chest.  This gal has a natural bob tail – 3/4 length tail 

Black Tri Female:  Dark face, white on chest, this is a cutie!!  Lots of stunning copper!!  Long tail


Blue Merle Male:  WOW this pup is as flashy as they come!!!    Long tail.

Black Tri Male:  Classic tuxedo markings, what a handsome boy!!  Natural bob tail, short


Elsa is our gorgeous, center fold beauty!!  She is the happiest doggo, and we affectionately call her the “love monster” as she love love loves to be in your lap.  click pic to go to Elsas page!

Luke is our stunning red tri male, he is a true velcro dog, and is always right on my feet.   Click pic to go to Luke’s page!


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